Treatment of radiocarpal dislocations or fracture-dislocations based on a new classification scheme

  • Apergis E
  • Kyriakopoulos G.
  • Bonatsos S.
  • Maris S.
Keywords: Wrist, Radiocarpal, Dislocation, Classification, Pathological Anatomy


Radiocarpal fracture-dislocations are the most debatable of carpal dislocations. The term radiocarpal fracture-dislocations has been used incorrectly for many previously reported cases. Thus, many questions arise concerning their incidence, terminology and classification. In this review, an attempt is made to determine the criteria based on which an injury can be classified as radiocarpal fracture-dislocation. Additionally, the surgical treatment of radiocarpal fracture-dislocations with combined access, allows for a relatively accurate description of osteoligamentous injuries, both on the palmar and on the dorsal side of the wrist. Four types of injuries in the dorsal and two types of injuries in the palmar dislocations are portrayed. Furthermore, a new classification is proposed based on five parameters: those of chronicity, pathoanatomy, direction, associated injuries and complexity.  


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Author Biographies

Apergis E

Red Cross Hospital, Athens, Greece

Kyriakopoulos G.

Red Cross Hospital, Athens, Greece

Bonatsos S.

Red Cross Hospital, Athens, Greece

Maris S.

Red Cross Hospital, Athens, Greece


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