Vascularized bone grafting from the dorsal distal radius based on 4th extensor compartment artery for Kienböck’s disease. Current concepts and a new surgical technique

  • Frantzeska Medical Zampeli
  • Emmanouil Fandridis
  • Sarantos Spyridonos
Keywords: Kienböck’s disease, vascularized bone grafting, 4th extensor compartment artery


The optimal treatment option for Kienböck’s disease is determined by the stage of the disease, ulnar variance, status of the lunate cartilage shell and presence of arthritic changes. The vascularized bone grafts are attractive treatment options for stage II and III according to Stahl-Lichtman classification. The purpose of this article is to present an overview for Kienböck’s disease and describe our technique of the 4th extensor compartment artery vascularized bone graft for Kienböck’s disease and its usefulness in the current concepts of treatment for Kienböck’s disease.


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Author Biographies

Frantzeska Medical Zampeli

Hand-Upper Limb-Microsurgery Department, General Hospital KAT, Athens, Greece

Emmanouil Fandridis

Hand-Upper Limb-Microsurgery Department, General Hospital KAT, Athens, Greece

Sarantos Spyridonos

Hand-Upper Limb-Microsurgery Department, General Hospital KAT, Athens, Greece


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